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Oliver 06a427a43a Bugfixes in ANSI escape sequence handling as well as TextView, fixes #320, fixes #344 3 years ago
Miles Whittaker 6d163ecac4 Fix ANSI colors 0-15 3 years ago
Oliver a5d5a39c38 ANSI parser now also handles SGR 39 and 49. Fixes #347 3 years ago
Sean Smith 9aa08ad7c7 Handle ansi code 39 and 49
39 is apparently the "default foreground color"
49 is apparently the "default background color"
3 years ago
Trevor Slocum b61132eddf Fork tview as cview
See for details
3 years ago
Oliver 0e689965bb Fixed wrong handling of 8-bit ANSI colors. Fixes #317 4 years ago
Oliver 100f053ee1 ANSI RGB colors were missing hashtags in tags. Fixes #140 5 years ago
ardnew 4b5dd0f8e1 replacing all instances of "ANSII" with "ANSI"
renaming unit ansii.go to ansi.go
resolves rivo/tview#138
5 years ago