Terminal-based user interface toolkit
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package main
import (
const colorsText = `You can use color tags almost everywhere to partially change the color of a string.
Simply put a color name or hex string in square brackets to change the following characters' color.
H[green]er[white]e i[yellow]s a[darkcyan]n ex[red]amp[white]le.
The [black:red]tags [black:green]look [black:yellow]like [::u]this:
// Colors demonstrates how to use colors.
func Colors(nextSlide func()) (title string, info string, content cview.Primitive) {
tv := cview.NewTextView()
tv.SetTitle("A [red]c[yellow]o[green]l[darkcyan]o[blue]r[darkmagenta]f[red]u[yellow]l[white] [black:red]c[:yellow]o[:green]l[:darkcyan]o[:blue]r[:darkmagenta]f[:red]u[:yellow]l[white:] [::bu]title")
tv.SetDoneFunc(func(key tcell.Key) {
return "Colors", "", Center(44, 16, tv)