57 Commits (b61132eddf1f062af6daa4cfcaa0ff528a21ead7)

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Trevor Slocum b61132eddf Fork tview as cview 3 years ago
Oliver c3d1d4bcf9 Added autocomplete functionality to InputField. Resolves #299, resolves #77 3 years ago
Oliver 29b0d3cfbf Updated table demo screenshot. Resolves #282 4 years ago
Oliver f13631ce74 Minor indenting change in presentation. 4 years ago
Björn Carlsson 7164c72b7e Fixed example code in presentation demo textview 4 years ago
Oliver c22d5570be Bugfixes/improvements to PR #172. 4 years ago
Oliver 990bc2ebcf InputField can now be navigated freely. Resolves #103, resolves #171, resolves #162 4 years ago
Oliver d53a7c24fd WordWrap() also uses iterator function now. 4 years ago
Benjamin Fagin e94d415863
Create README.md 4 years ago
Oliver c325864561 Added style attributes to Box border. Resolves #152 4 years ago
Oliver 4631cd7337 Added the tree view. 5 years ago
Benjamin Weidig 06dd16088a replaced old borders code with new configurable borders 5 years ago
Oliver bb80ad41aa Minor text change in presentation. Hopefully makes it more clear what's displayed. 5 years ago
Oliver d7d44cb0d2 Flex and Grid don't clear their backgrounds anymore. Resolves #104 5 years ago
Oliver 83d0a16fb2 Added background colors and text attributes to color tags. Resolves #91 5 years ago
Oliver 761e3d72da Added Primitive demo to go along with the GitHub Wiki entry on how to create your own primitive. 5 years ago
Oliver 370ee01609 Added placeholder text to InputField. Resolves #75 5 years ago
Oliver c2f07f9548 Some housekeeping. 5 years ago
Oliver 8cb36ea743 Added expansion factor to table cells which grows columns if there is more space than needed. Resolves #62 5 years ago
Robert Craig 7c2d6fc65f Added README files for demos to make screenshots easier to view on github 5 years ago
Oliver fc2a37cc86 Added a Grid example to the presentation. 5 years ago
Oliver 02207b90b2 Added a Grid example to the presentation. 5 years ago
Oliver 91a6ff44b6 Finished implementation of grid layout. 5 years ago
Oliver c7b3072f7e Progressing with Grid. 5 years ago
Oliver 4db30f9ed4 "FieldLength" is now "FieldWidth" everywhere for clarity and consistency. Sorry for this breaking change. It is better in the long run. 5 years ago
Oliver 258f212e5e Added color tag functionality to all strings. Resolves #25 5 years ago
Oliver 626453b2a6 All primitives now offer a way to intercept all key events sent to them. Also made the global key event intercept handler more general/consistent. Resolves #22 5 years ago
Oliver b423641ec2 Expanded the TableCell definition in preparation of adding individual cell background colors. 5 years ago
Oliver 4c0e74ada0 Flex demo is probably better without a border. 5 years ago
Oliver 5fd6365352 Flex must call Box's Draw() function first. Fixes #26 5 years ago
Oliver 1e78c506cb Rewrote TextView's reindex() and Draw() to introduce text alignment and 5 years ago
Oliver 38d663c267 In Form, changed GetElement() to GetFormItem() for consistency reasons. 5 years ago
Oliver c2bfee0387 Added password field to Form demo in presentation. 5 years ago
Oliver d74b71b48d Supporting any color now in TextView. Resolves #12 5 years ago
Oliver 967b863aac Added navigation instructions to presentation demo. Resolves #14, resolves #10 5 years ago
Oliver 7dd0754cc6 Some pull request post-processing. 5 years ago
管宜尧 42fcf63eca create unicode(chinese) support demo 5 years ago
Oliver d6ce974e6d Added masking to InputField, password field to form. Resolves #7, resolves #8. 5 years ago
Oliver 3fbea7a99b Added a listener for changes in input fields. Also in the Form. Fixes #4. 5 years ago
Oliver 7b5ab63e8c List selections should be visible even when they don't have focus. Also added screenshot for Postgres demo. 5 years ago
Oliver 50871c3386 Added screenshots for all demos. 5 years ago
Oliver c989300073 Final preparations for the first official release. 5 years ago
Oliver 36cca0dedc Completed Godoc documentation. 5 years ago
Oliver 53527f5f80 Added a presentation demonstrating tview's capabilities. 5 years ago
Oliver 7dc0dace25 Improved table navigation. 5 years ago
Oliver c1b4809f2e Contained pages need to be resized if requested. 5 years ago
Oliver f6f32eec04 Flex must know where to delegate focus. 5 years ago
Oliver 6751475a74 Added a short demo for each primitive. 5 years ago
Oliver 91d78f146b Added proportions to Flex layout. 5 years ago
Oliver 6ba3fef9bc Added a method to Application to intercept key presses. 5 years ago