33 Commits (ebf651d1c0f23f535cbfa696409d0794a6b1f5d2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Oliver 6d988e2839 Minor typo fixes. 4 years ago
Oliver 00de4610ae Added custom higlight styles to Table. Resolves #154 4 years ago
Oliver 4631cd7337 Added the tree view. 4 years ago
Benjamin Weidig 06dd16088a replaced old borders code with new configurable borders 4 years ago
Oliver a26df4e781 Added SetAttributes() and SetStyle() to TableCell. Resolves #111 4 years ago
Oliver 83d0a16fb2 Added background colors and text attributes to color tags. Resolves #91 4 years ago
Oliver 761e3d72da Added Primitive demo to go along with the GitHub Wiki entry on how to create your own primitive. 4 years ago
Oliver c96894c0cf Bugfix which caused a crash in Table class. Fixes #67 4 years ago
Oliver ccd80aa4fc Minor code reduction. 5 years ago
Oliver 8cb36ea743 Added expansion factor to table cells which grows columns if there is more space than needed. Resolves #62 5 years ago
Oliver 37a7254a64 Some comment cleanup. 5 years ago
Takumasa Sakao 453c374c1c Add GetOffset method on Table 5 years ago
Oliver ef6026df3d Fixed table background colors. More sophisticated but more aesthetically pleasing. Fixes #20 5 years ago
Oliver f3686bfe15 Fixed Table.SetCellSimple(). Resolves #35 5 years ago
Oliver 258f212e5e Added color tag functionality to all strings. Resolves #25 5 years ago
Oliver 95e3124245 Fixed Table cell background colors for column-only selections. 5 years ago
Oliver 626453b2a6 All primitives now offer a way to intercept all key events sent to them. Also made the global key event intercept handler more general/consistent. Resolves #22 5 years ago
Oliver 97450a0de3 Added individual cell background colors. Resolves #20 5 years ago
Oliver 213f13fcc4 Added individual cell background colors. Resolves #20 5 years ago
Oliver b423641ec2 Expanded the TableCell definition in preparation of adding individual cell background colors. 5 years ago
Oliver 677c227861 Some post-processing of pull request #29. Resolves #27 5 years ago
Jakob Maier 55189331c5 Added GetSelection() and SetSelectionChangedFunc() to Table 5 years ago
Oliver 946d2620b6 Added GetSelectable() to Table so users can find out what is currently selectable. Resolves #21 5 years ago
Oliver cc7bb29944 Avoiding access to nil pointer. 5 years ago
Oliver 61d8ea30f8 Added support for wide unicode characters (e.g. Chinese). Resolves #9 5 years ago
Oliver 2874294d89 Added Styles variable with default colors for primitives. 5 years ago
Oliver e4f97a6436 Added links to Wiki to documentation. Also replaced screenshot with GIF screencast. 5 years ago
Oliver c989300073 Final preparations for the first official release. 5 years ago
Oliver 8c9be84ef8 Various improvements. 5 years ago
Oliver 759602af1b Minor bugfix. 5 years ago
Oliver 7dc0dace25 Improved table navigation. 5 years ago
Oliver a7017c9312 Completed Table documentation. 5 years ago
Oliver f990c283b3 Bugfix. 5 years ago
Oliver 8f59d491ee Added Table primitive. Still ironing out some minor issues. 5 years ago