Terminal-based user interface toolkit
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package main
import "gitlab.com/tslocum/cview"
// Introduction returns a cview.List with the highlights of the cview package.
func Introduction(nextSlide func()) (title string, content cview.Primitive) {
list := cview.NewList().
AddItem("A Go package for terminal based UIs", "with a special focus on rich interactive widgets", '1', nextSlide).
AddItem("Based on github.com/gdamore/tcell", "Like termbox but better (see tcell docs)", '2', nextSlide).
AddItem("Designed to be simple", `"Hello world" is 5 lines of code`, '3', nextSlide).
AddItem("Good for data entry", `For charts, use "termui" - for low-level views, use "gocui" - ...`, '4', nextSlide).
AddItem("Extensive documentation", "Demo code is available for each widget", '5', nextSlide)
return "Introduction", Center(80, 10, list)