Gemini server
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Aaron Fischer bd0555069e Strip path from root
If there is a path (the URL path) specified under paths in the
configuration, which points to a root (a physical folder on the
filesystem), this path should not be attached to the root. This fix will
do that. It strips the path from the root.

Example configuration:

        path: /a
        root: public/aroot
        path: /
        root: public

+ public
  + index.gmi
  + aroot
    + index.gmi
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Gemini server

Warning: The twins configuration format is still under development. Breaking changes may be made.

This page is also available at gemini://


  • Serve static files
    • Detect content type
    • Specify content type for files with matching extension
    • List files and directories (when enabled)
  • Reverse proxy requests
  • Serve Gemini content via HTTPS
    • Pages are converted automatically by gmitohtml
  • Reload configuration on SIGHUP


twins includes features that are not yet part of the Gemini specification. See


twins is written in Go. Run the following command to download and build twins from source.

go get

The resulting binary is available as ~/go/bin/twins.




Please share issues and suggestions here.