Anonymous IRC daemon
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Connect to or :6697 (SSL)

  • configuration system
  • database (sqlite for portability?)
  • ssl
  • verify pings and prune lagging clients
  • admin/mod login via server password
  • admin/mod commands via /anonirc
  • admins/mods can say something official in a channel, it will also come with a notice to grab attention
  • server admin password (set in config) allows global admin privileges
  • channel registration to three passwords (founder/admin/mod)
    • only the founder and optionally some admins can regenerate these passwords
    • each channel password can be supplied during connection as server password (e.g. #lobby/swordfish:#lounge/8ball) or via a command
  • private channels (+k implementation)
  • implement read locks...? are they necessary?
  • /list support
  • move userlist updates to more efficient goroutine monitoring changes
  • whois anonymous<#> easter egg, could be pre-programmed witty phrases/quotes
  • op users (locally) when they are logged in to a founder/admin/mod password for client compatibility
  • send supported user and channel modes when new user connects
  • SSL-only channel mode