Terminal-based online backgammon client (FIBS)
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Terminal-based online backgammon client (FIBS)


Play via SSH

To play via SSH, execute the following command:

ssh rocketnine.space -p 5000

See this page for information on how to play backgammon.

A FIBS account is required to play. See this page for information on how to register.

Missing features

  • Doubling
  • User info display


To install bgammon to ~/go/bin/bgammon, execute the following command:

go get code.rocketnine.space/tslocum/bgammon


When starting bgammon, provide your username and password:

bgammon --username MyAccount --password MySecretPassword

To invite a player to a one point match, type:

/invite PlayerName 1

To accept an invitation to play, type:

/join PlayerName

To watch a random match, type:


To move your pieces, click at least once on a space.

Click the same space multiple times to select multiple pieces.

Click on another space to move all selected pieces to it.

Your moves will automatically be submitted once you have input enough of them.

PROTIP: You don't always have to input each of your individual moves, bgammon will guess at what you meant when you move a piece beyond a single move. For instance, when you roll double 2s, you could grab one piece and move it eight spaces by clicking on space 2 and then space 10. You could also move two pieces four spaces by grabbing two pieces and clicking on space 2 and then space 6. This also applies to normal rolls, when you roll 5 and 2, you could move a piece seven spaces by clicking on space 2 and then clicking on 9. When one of the implied first moves results in sending one of your opponents pieces to the bar, that move is always chosen.

To chat, simply write some text and press enter. To change chat modes between shout and kibitz, press tab.


Please share issues and suggestions here.

FIBS protocol information is available here.