Terminal-based online backgammon client (FIBS)
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module code.rocketnine.space/tslocum/bgammon
go 1.16
require (
code.rocketnine.space/tslocum/cview v1.5.7
code.rocketnine.space/tslocum/fibs v0.0.0-20210908025307-c6d589455c3b
github.com/gdamore/tcell/v2 v2.4.1-0.20210905002822-f057f0a857a1
github.com/reiver/go-oi v1.0.0
github.com/reiver/go-telnet v0.0.0-20180421082511-9ff0b2ab096e
golang.org/x/sys v0.0.0-20210906170528-6f6e22806c34 // indirect
golang.org/x/text v0.3.7