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//go:build !js || !wasm
// +build !js !wasm
package main
import (
func parseFlags() {
var (
hostAddress string
connectAddress string
printDebug bool
flag.BoolVar(&world.Fullscreen, "fullscreen", false, "run in fullscreen mode")
flag.BoolVar(&world.DisableVsync, "no-vsync", false, "do not enable vsync (allows the game to run at maximum fps)")
flag.StringVar(&hostAddress, "host", "", "start hosting a match against a remote opponent at the specified address:port")
flag.StringVar(&connectAddress, "connect", "", "connect to a match hosted by a remote opponent at the specified address:port")
flag.IntVar(&world.LocalPort, "local", 0, "set local port (this should be different from your opponent's local port)")
flag.BoolVar(&world.StartMuted, "mute", false, "mute music")
flag.IntVar(&world.Debug, "debug", 0, "debug level (0 - disabled, 1 - print fps and net stats, 2 - draw hitboxes)")
flag.BoolVar(&printDebug, "debug-ggpo", false, "print GGPO debug messages")
flag.IntVar(&world.TPS, "tps", world.DefaultTPS, "set ticks per second (this is not normally required)")
flag.BoolVar(&world.Headless, "headless", false, "run in headless mode (for debug purposes)")
if printDebug {
ggpo.SetLogger(log.New(os.Stderr, "GGPO ", log.Ldate|log.Ltime|log.Lmsgprefix))
if hostAddress != "" {
world.ConnectPromptHost = true
world.ConnectPromptText = hostAddress
world.ConnectPromptConfirmed = true
} else if connectAddress != "" {
world.ConnectPromptText = connectAddress
world.ConnectPromptConfirmed = true