Key event handling library for tcell
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Key event handling library for tcell


  • Set KeyEvent handlers
  • Encode and decode KeyEvents as human-readable strings


// Create a new input configuration to store the key bindings.
c := NewConfiguration()

// Define save event handler.
handleSave := func(ev *tcell.EventKey) *tcell.EventKey {
    return nil

// Define open event handler.
handleOpen := func(ev *tcell.EventKey) *tcell.EventKey {
    return nil

// Define exit event handler.
handleExit := func(ev *tcell.EventKey) *tcell.EventKey {
    return nil

// Bind Alt+s.
if err := c.Set("Alt+s", handleSave); err != nil {
    log.Fatalf("failed to set keybind: %s", err)

// Bind Alt+o.
c.SetRune(tcell.ModAlt, 'o', handleOpen)

// Bind Escape.
c.SetKey(tcell.ModNone, tcell.KeyEscape, handleExit)

// Capture input. This will differ based on the framework in use (if any).
// When using tview or cview, call Application.SetInputCapture before calling
// Application.Run.


Documentation is available via gdooc.

The utility program whichkeybind is available to determine and validate key combinations.

go get


Please share issues and suggestions here.