City-building simulation video game
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package world
// HelpText lines must be 39 characters or less.
var HelpText = []string{`
Welcome to City Limits! (1/10)
As the new mayor, it's time to run
things YOUR way. For better or worse...
Will you lead the clean energy front,
or will you put profits before people?
`, `
Moving Via Mouse (2/10)
To move around, place your cursor at
the edge of the screen, or press and
hold your middle mouse button while
moving your cursor.
`, `
Moving Via Keyboard (3/10)
You can also use your keyboard to move
by pressing any of the arrow keys or
W/A/S/D. Try using your mouse and/or
keyboard to move the camera around now.
`, `
Zoning Areas (4/10)
Structures are built according to how
you zone areas of land. Demand for each
category (Residential, Commercial,
Industrial) is shown in the sidebar.
`, `
Did You Know? (5/10)
Powering an area requires more input
energy than the resulting electricity.
In fact, only a third of the energy is
transmitted as usable electricity.
`, `
Building Blocks of a City (6/10)
Structures require power, sewer and
transportation in order to function.
This is all facilitated via roads and
underground wiring and piping.
`, `
Did You Know? (7/10)
Meat-based diets require much more
energy, land and water resources than
vegetarian and especially vegan diets.
Animal farms are a source of pollution.
`, `
Power to the People (8/10)
Build a power plant, then zone a few
areas for residential development.
Connect the power plant to the newly
zoned areas with a road.
`, `
Did You Know? (9/10)
It takes large amounts of water to
convert fossil fuels into electricity.
Converting solar and wind energy uses
negligible amounts of water.
`, `
Collecting Taxes (10/10)
Each year, taxes are collected from the
residents of the city. The tax rate you
set determines how appealing your city
is, and whether or not it can survive.