Terminal-based user interface toolkit
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package tview
import "github.com/gdamore/tcell"
// Styles defines various colors used when primitives are initialized. These
// may be changed to accommodate a different look and feel.
4 years ago
type Theme struct {
PrimitiveBackgroundColor tcell.Color // Main background color for primitives.
ContrastBackgroundColor tcell.Color // Background color for contrasting elements.
MoreContrastBackgroundColor tcell.Color // Background color for even more contrasting elements.
BorderColor tcell.Color // Box borders.
TitleColor tcell.Color // Box titles.
GraphicsColor tcell.Color // Graphics.
PrimaryTextColor tcell.Color // Primary text.
SecondaryTextColor tcell.Color // Secondary text (e.g. labels).
TertiaryTextColor tcell.Color // Tertiary text (e.g. subtitles, notes).
InverseTextColor tcell.Color // Text on primary-colored backgrounds.
ContrastSecondaryTextColor tcell.Color // Secondary text on ContrastBackgroundColor-colored backgrounds.
4 years ago
// Styles is the global singleton which effects the current theming of widgets
// The default is for applications with a black background and basic colors:
// black, white, yellow, green, and blue.
var Styles = Theme{
PrimitiveBackgroundColor: tcell.ColorBlack,
ContrastBackgroundColor: tcell.ColorBlue,
MoreContrastBackgroundColor: tcell.ColorGreen,
BorderColor: tcell.ColorWhite,
TitleColor: tcell.ColorWhite,
GraphicsColor: tcell.ColorWhite,
PrimaryTextColor: tcell.ColorWhite,
SecondaryTextColor: tcell.ColorYellow,
TertiaryTextColor: tcell.ColorGreen,
InverseTextColor: tcell.ColorBlue,
ContrastSecondaryTextColor: tcell.ColorDarkCyan,