600 Commits (master)

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  Trevor Slocum 652afb9875 Update Application.QueueUpdateDraw to accept one or more primitives to draw instead of the whole screen 1 week ago
  Trevor Slocum ca75748dff Update Application.Draw to accept one or more primitives to draw instead of the whole screen 1 week ago
  Trevor Slocum b9d448d0f4 Improve Button cursor positioning 2 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum 454d759a42 Add Button.SetCursorRune and CheckBox.SetCursorRune 2 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum 71e3cc57f7 Add relevant info to pages of the presentation demo 2 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum d11681497c Change default colors (fields and buttons are now green) 2 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum f8d1b2c63c Change default colors 2 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum 011f4decc0 Add TextView highlight color options 2 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum 7e8817f20b Fix highlighting current TabbedPanels tab 2 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum 29170b8453 Add TrueColorTags option 3 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum bd144c2430 Allow specifying TabbedPanels switcher height 3 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum 92dca67ac2 Fix resetting background color via '-' 3 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum 919f229dcc Update List, Table and TreeView to not handle Tab or Backtab 3 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum 3581fe03ea Draw additional accents when rendering a list divider 3 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum 957459b436 Update dependencies 3 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum bf491e965f Update dependencies 4 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum 1653d59d6b Restructure event loop to only poll screen between updates 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 9dbc4a3a03 Suspend screen rather than finalizing it and then creating a new screen 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum e8e2d12710 Remove code.rocketnine.space migration notice 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 41e35f8d69 Add code.rocketnine.space migration notice 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum bb362496b2 Fix TextView.GetTextDimensions 3 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 2d7324e8db Rename TextDimensions as GetBufferSize 3 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 29e91c0bc5 Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 3 months ago
  makeworld 17ca6d403b Read (un)lock mutex instead 3 months ago
  makeworld c74ebf1471 Add TextDimensions 4 months ago
  Trevor Slocum d776e728ef Fix strikethrough support 4 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 630bdf19f3 Release v1.5.3 5 months ago
  Trevor Slocum fe5cf58941 Update dependency runewidth 5 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 710bef6897 Document Panels.AddPanel difference 5 months ago
  Trevor Slocum c5777645c9 Fix highlighting focused Form element 5 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 3bd98fd55f Preserve order of panels when updating panel 5 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 7db7653746 Update example applications link 5 months ago
  Trevor Slocum c34e095461 Fix incorrect TabbedPanels colors 6 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 1af0da7606 Document how to prevent screen artifacts when using SetBackgroundTransparent 6 months ago
  Trevor Slocum de3c277462 Remove reference to resolved tcell bug 6 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 1513847ae3 Release v1.5.2 6 months ago
  Trevor Slocum bd72d264c9 Remove breaking changes notice 7 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 68b2c49d11 Fix WindowManager background not being drawn 7 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 79a35fe4de Handle events before executing queued updates 7 months ago
  Trevor Slocum fa31102abf Release v1.5.1 7 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 888dcd2560 Fix WordWrap dropping last character of closing tag 7 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 5ff1168706 Add TextView.SetWrapWidth 7 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 614c61839b Clarify that WordWrap accepts unescaped text only 7 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 30838d75cd Reduce Box inner rect calculations 8 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 62c7289449 Add deprecation notice to SetBorderPadding, GetBorderPadding and Pages 8 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 36671ba7d3 Rename SetBorderPadding and GetBorderPadding as SetPadding and GetPadding 8 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 7a5e47b598 Add TabbedPanels.HasTab 8 months ago
  Trevor Slocum a3709cc49b Fix incorrect arguments for TabbedPanels.RemoveTab 8 months ago
  Trevor Slocum a55c812490 Add Application.Init 8 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 98c9aafd25 Fix off-center target when resizing Window 8 months ago