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Oliver aa25839cfa Introduced horizontal item alignment in forms. Resolves #33 5 years ago
Oliver 626453b2a6 All primitives now offer a way to intercept all key events sent to them. Also made the global key event intercept handler more general/consistent. Resolves #22 5 years ago
Oliver 5f33d0cbc0 Some adaptations for 32-bit systems. Resolves #17 5 years ago
Oliver d6ce974e6d Added masking to InputField, password field to form. Resolves #7, resolves #8. 5 years ago
Oliver 61d8ea30f8 Added support for wide unicode characters (e.g. Chinese). Resolves #9 5 years ago
Oliver 3fbea7a99b Added a listener for changes in input fields. Also in the Form. Fixes #4. 5 years ago
Oliver 2874294d89 Added Styles variable with default colors for primitives. 5 years ago
Oliver e4f97a6436 Added links to Wiki to documentation. Also replaced screenshot with GIF screencast. 5 years ago
Oliver 3670319cd6 Fixed a number of bugs and added missing useful functions. 5 years ago
Oliver 8f59d491ee Added Table primitive. Still ironing out some minor issues. 5 years ago
Oliver 8eb4c5ef48 Added TextView. All subclasses of Box now also have inside padding. 6 years ago
Oliver dad7891c89 Added Checkbox, Modal, and Pages. 6 years ago
Oliver 2bd80aa513 Added DropDown. Also needed to refactor a bit to reduce dependencies. 6 years ago
Oliver d5bf1a4ef0 Added list, improved existing primitives, and fixed a bunch of bugs. 6 years ago
Oliver b83a7766a6 Added frames (with headers/footers) and buttons. Extended form. 6 years ago
Oliver f9f139caaf First commit. Some basic functionality. Publishing to GitHub now. 6 years ago