41 Commits (7175730374affe659a698b913730534d35c4a672)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Trevor Slocum 7175730374 Fix panic when navigating empty list 3 years ago
Trevor Slocum c6f9bcda29 Add option to always show scroll bar 3 years ago
Trevor Slocum c40fd422f0 Do not wrap around list by default 3 years ago
Trevor Slocum 96f3c15040 Add scroll bar to List, DropDown, Table and TreeView 3 years ago
Trevor Slocum 5f880bc2c7 Migrate to GitLab 3 years ago
Chris Miller a52eae5a0d Refactor EventMouse 3 years ago
Chris Miller ad59b43801 Get mouse actions rather than just mouse state 3 years ago
Chris Miller 67c158fa9c Fire Selected on list item click 3 years ago
Chris Miller 5b47ba1f32 More mouse handling for primitives 3 years ago
Trevor Slocum b61132eddf Fork tview as cview 3 years ago
Oliver 6e00e540f2 Added a wrap-around flag to the List. Resolves #380 3 years ago
Oliver f63eca142c List changed event was not fired when SetCurrentItem() was called. Fixes #315 3 years ago
Oliver 8d5eba0c2f Replaced runewidth.StringWidth() with my own implementation. Fixes #236 3 years ago
Oliver 03d744dee3 SetOffset() also turns off end-tracking in Table. Fixes #238 3 years ago
ardnew 26ff9c763a renaming new struct field as requested in rivo/tview#220 4 years ago
Oliver 84fdb36408 Fixed confusing comments. Fixes #231 4 years ago
Oliver 0a179573ae Improved List scrolling (using an offset member variable). Fixes #217 4 years ago
Oliver bbe0f17f96 Added FindItems() and InsertItem() to List. Also allowed negative indices for some List functions. Resolves #213, resolves #215 4 years ago
ardnew e0f6e89550 change: added option to span selection highlight across width of list view 4 years ago
Oliver 08411f6e81 Added an option to List which hides the selection when List has no focus. Resolves #193 4 years ago
Oliver 2590cd6434 Added RemoveItem() function to List. Resolves #158 4 years ago
Oliver 7afc7ac893 Index out of range bugfix. Fixes #101 4 years ago
Rob Warner 2899c719ca Fix panic with empty list 4 years ago
Oliver f291602d9a Added functions to retrieve and set a list item's texts. Resolves #102 4 years ago
Oliver 761e3d72da Added Primitive demo to go along with the GitHub Wiki entry on how to create your own primitive. 4 years ago
Oliver b357eaf10f Drop-down allows typing to directly jump to options. Resolves #77 4 years ago
Oliver 7e4958256f List (and therefore also DropDown) will scroll if currently selected item is not on screen anymore. Fixes #71 4 years ago
Oliver 4db30f9ed4 "FieldLength" is now "FieldWidth" everywhere for clarity and consistency. Sorry for this breaking change. It is better in the long run. 5 years ago
Oliver 258f212e5e Added color tag functionality to all strings. Resolves #25 5 years ago
Oliver 626453b2a6 All primitives now offer a way to intercept all key events sent to them. Also made the global key event intercept handler more general/consistent. Resolves #22 5 years ago
Oliver 61d8ea30f8 Added support for wide unicode characters (e.g. Chinese). Resolves #9 5 years ago
Oliver 2874294d89 Added Styles variable with default colors for primitives. 5 years ago
Oliver e4f97a6436 Added links to Wiki to documentation. Also replaced screenshot with GIF screencast. 5 years ago
Oliver 7b5ab63e8c List selections should be visible even when they don't have focus. Also added screenshot for Postgres demo. 5 years ago
Oliver 997b92f1b4 More callback handlers for lists. And more consistency. 5 years ago
Oliver 7dc0dace25 Improved table navigation. 5 years ago
Oliver 8f59d491ee Added Table primitive. Still ironing out some minor issues. 5 years ago
Oliver 8eb4c5ef48 Added TextView. All subclasses of Box now also have inside padding. 5 years ago
Oliver 2bd80aa513 Added DropDown. Also needed to refactor a bit to reduce dependencies. 5 years ago
Oliver d5bf1a4ef0 Added list, improved existing primitives, and fixed a bunch of bugs. 5 years ago