257 Commits (8a9e26fab0ff612fe18f63a8fa79e9999a20c18d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Oliver 8a9e26fab0 Hitting the Alt-key should not prevent input. Fixes #240 3 years ago
Oliver 8d5eba0c2f Replaced runewidth.StringWidth() with my own implementation. Fixes #236 3 years ago
Oliver 2cc825800b Switched string iteration to using the github.com/rivo/uniseg package. 3 years ago
rivo 3938f60085
Merge pull request #247 from dgrr/master 3 years ago
Dario 1d0309ee28 Applied requested changes 3 years ago
Oliver d3efe1d5e8 Fixed some comments. 3 years ago
rivo de9730f6df
Merge pull request #200 from ravenops/feature/theme 3 years ago
Oliver 3548dec808 Fixed a bug where neighbouring colour tags were processed incorrectly. Fixes #241 3 years ago
Oliver 03d744dee3 SetOffset() also turns off end-tracking in Table. Fixes #238 3 years ago
rivo c16128c927
Merge pull request #220 from ardnew/list-spanhighlight 3 years ago
dgrr fc4f533e0b Added Color getter 4 years ago
ardnew c43d107310 merge https://github.com/rivo/tview into list-spanhighlight, resolving conflicts for rivo/tview#220 4 years ago
ardnew 26ff9c763a renaming new struct field as requested in rivo/tview#220 4 years ago
rivo b373355e9d
Merge pull request #235 from Bios-Marcel/prevent-regex-recompilation 4 years ago
Marcel Schramm f3b5afb8cd
Move TabSize comment in texview.go back to where it belongs. 4 years ago
Oliver 3e289f3aca Added TextView.GetText(). Resolves #233 4 years ago
Marcel Schramm f4690e43a0
Prevent recompilation of regexes 4 years ago
Oliver a45c8edf60 Fixed region/color tag escaping bug. Fixes #234 4 years ago
Oliver 84fdb36408 Fixed confusing comments. Fixes #231 4 years ago
Oliver 0a179573ae Improved List scrolling (using an offset member variable). Fixes #217 4 years ago
Oliver 997b18eeff Introduced a separate class-wide "selected" handler for DropDown. Resolves #206 4 years ago
Oliver 2b7ed85b88 Added InsertRow() and InsertColumn() to Table, see #213 4 years ago
rivo 20bdfcd8b2
Merge pull request #230 from dguendisch/master 4 years ago
Guendisch, Dieter 55dadc0057 Added a reference to TableCell. Fixes feature request #229. 4 years ago
Oliver 1ac6fbc0c2 Some clarifications in the Grid class as well as in the contributor guidelines. Resolves #231 4 years ago
rivo e5e361b9d7
Merge pull request #191 from OriPekelman/master 4 years ago
Oliver bbe0f17f96 Added FindItems() and InsertItem() to List. Also allowed negative indices for some List functions. Resolves #213, resolves #215 4 years ago
Ori Pekelman f9524f55ba move under setter and change to string 4 years ago
ardnew e0f6e89550 change: added option to span selection highlight across width of list view 4 years ago
Oliver 36893a6697 Minor improvements. 4 years ago
Oliver e432b27b03 unicode.Lm characters were wrongly used as pure combining characters. Fixes #210 4 years ago
Oliver f93fbad8f8 Added some clarification about QueueUpdate() and event callbacks. 4 years ago
Delaney Gillilan 5eabb29610 add theme 4 years ago
Oliver 5991278513 If a Form has no focusable elements, it keeps the focus itself. Fixes #198 4 years ago
Oliver 502ddb9205 Added a clarification. 4 years ago
Oliver d7c8911ef0 Added Application.ForceDraw(). 4 years ago
Oliver 5256865f59 Bugfix in Grid which led to wrong positions for inner grids. Fixes #195 4 years ago
Oliver 0a18dea458 Added a clarification on intercepting key events. Resolves #181 4 years ago
Oliver f13631ce74 Minor indenting change in presentation. 4 years ago
rivo 7bef21fe58
Merge pull request #190 from bcarlsson/fix-demo-example 4 years ago
Oliver 19fbe6241a Making suspended mode work again on Windows. Fixes #179 4 years ago
Oliver 08411f6e81 Added an option to List which hides the selection when List has no focus. Resolves #193 4 years ago
Björn Carlsson 7164c72b7e Fixed example code in presentation demo textview 4 years ago
Oliver f1536e67fa github.com/mattn/go-runewidth supports zero-width joiners now. 4 years ago
rivo 0612ff69bf
Merge pull request #186 from ravenops/fix/185 4 years ago
Oliver 1bfe98092c On Windows, tcell.Screen.Fini() sends a resize event before sending nil. Fixed resulting deadlock. Fixes #179 4 years ago
Delaney Gillilan a38d2cdc9b fix per @jr81 4 years ago
Oliver 8cf347b745 Added row/column removal functions to Table. Resolves #174 4 years ago
Oliver ebf651d1c0 Bugfix: nil return value in input capture should not stop the event loop. Fixes #179 4 years ago
Oliver ec12437564 InputField cursor position must also be adjusted when SetText() is called. Fixes #180 4 years ago