Terminal-based user interface toolkit
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cview - Terminal-based user interface toolkit

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This package is a fork of tview. See FORK.md for more information.


ssh cview.rocketnine.space -p 20000

Recording of presentation demo


Available widgets:

  • Input forms (including input/password fields, drop-down selections, checkboxes, and buttons)
  • Navigable multi-color text views
  • Selectable lists with context menus
  • Modal dialogs
  • Horizontal and vertical progress bars
  • Grid, Flexbox and tabbed panel layouts
  • Sophisticated navigable table views
  • Flexible tree views
  • Draggable and resizable windows
  • An application wrapper

Widgets may be customized and extended to suit any application.

Mouse support is available.


A list of applications powered by cview is available via pkg.go.dev.


go get code.rocketnine.space/tslocum/cview

Hello World

This basic example creates a TextView titled "Hello, World!" and displays it in your terminal:

package main

import (

func main() {
	app := cview.NewApplication()

	tv := cview.NewTextView()
	tv.SetTitle("Hello, world!")
	tv.SetText("Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet")
	app.SetRoot(tv, true)
	if err := app.Run(); err != nil {

Examples are available via godoc and in the demos directory.

For a presentation highlighting the features of this package, compile and run the program in the demos/presentation directory.


Package documentation is available via godoc.

An introduction tutorial is also available.


This package is based on github.com/gdamore/tcell (and its dependencies) and github.com/rivo/uniseg.


CONTRIBUTING.md describes how to share issues, suggestions and patches (pull requests).