Voice and text communications platform powered by WebRTC
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harmony protocol v0.0.1


The harmony protocol uses JSON as its message format.

Servers are assigned IDs upon creation starting at 10. This ID may be used to specify which instance to join or connect to. Example join link:


When an ID is not specified, the first server instance (ID 10) is assumed.

Specifying a server ID is only required when initially connecting.

Voice communication overview

WebRTC facilitates voice communication. When a client requests to join a voice channel, the server is sent one or more Call commands to initiate audio connections. Once at least one connection is established, the client will send the server a Join command with a voice channel ID.

Current implementations establish three audio connections and route incoming audio over the first available connection. This may change.

Channel types

# Description
1 Text
2 Voice


# Name Description Syntax
110 Connect Connect to a server { T: 110, S: <OPTIONAL SERVERID>, U: "<USERNAME>", P: "<OPTIONAL PASSWORD>" } Request to connect
{ T: 110, U: "<USERNAME>" } Notification of user connecting
101 Ping Request to ensure connection is still active { T: 101, M: "<TIMESTAMP>" }
102 Pong Reply ensuring connection is still active { T: 102, M: "<REQUEST TIMESTAMP>" }
120 Chat Chat message { T: 120, C: <CHANNEL ID>, M: "<MESSAGE>" } Request to send message
{ T: 120, U: "<USERNAME>", M: "<MESSAGE>" } Notification of message
103 Call Initiate voice connection with server { T: 103, M: "<WEBRTC LOCAL SDP>" }
104 Answer Reply to initiate voice connection with server { T: 104, M: "<WEBRTC REMOTE SDP>" }
111 Join Join a voice channel { T: 111, C: <CHANNEL ID>, P: "<OPTIONAL PASSWORD>" } Request to join
{ T: 111, C: <CHANNEL ID>, U: "<USERNAME>" } Notification of user joining
112 Quit Quit a voice channel { T: 112, C: <CHANNEL ID> } Request to quit
{ T: 112, C: <CHANNEL ID>, U: "<USERNAME>" } Notification of user quitting
123 TransmitStart Notification of voice activity starting { T: 123, S: <CLIENT ID> }
124 TransmitStop Notification of voice activity stopping { T: 124, S: <CLIENT ID> }
131 Channels Channel list { T: 131, M: "[{\"ID\": <ID>,\"Type\": <TYPE>,\"Name\": \"<NAME>\",\"Topic\": \"<TOPIC>\"}]" }
132 Users User list { T: 132, M: "[{\"ID\": <ID>,\"N\": \"<USERNAME>\",\"C\": \"<VOICE CHANNEL ID>\"}]" }
119 Disconnect Disconnect from a server { T: 119 } Request to disconnect
{ T: 119, U: "<USERNAME>" } Notification of user disconnecting