Decentralized dating platform
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# kama - Decentralized dating platform
This application is in pre-alpha state. Here be dragons.
The only database supported by the framework powering kama is PostgreSQL.
## Features
- Absolutely nothing
- This is only a copy of the apcore example app right now
## Install
This application is written in [Go]( Download and install
the Go compiler if you have not already done so.
Set up a PostgreSQL user and cluster by running the following queries (using psql for instance):
create user kama with password 'EnterPasswordHere';
create database kama with owner kama;
-- Then, while logged in as user kama:
create schema kama;
Then run the following commands:`
go get # Download and install kama to ~/go/bin/kama
# Then, either add ~/go/bin to your $PATH or provide the full path
kama new # Start the guided installation process
# Use the default options for everything except:
# Enter the host for this server: Enter the domain your server will be hosted at
# Session name used to find cookies: Enter any unique text
# Please enter an IANA Time Zone for the server: Enter "Local"
# Prompting for Postgres database configuration options: After this point, enter your server's PostgreSQL information
# Choose SSL mode: disable
# Enter the postgres database name: kama
# Enter the postgres schema name: kama
# Accept the remaining default options
kama init-db
kama init-admin
## Run
kama serve
# Enter your information
# Are registrations on this server open to the general public: Enter Y
## Dependencies
This application is based on [go-fed/activity]( and [go-fed/apcore](
## Support
Please share issues and suggestions [here](
## Contribute
1. Fork this repository.
2. Commit code changes to your forked repository.
3. Submit a pull request describing your changes.