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  Trevor Slocum 82da364d86 Replace forum link with lemmy.ml meditation community 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum bfc6c5d8ea Remove link to app in Amazon Marketplace 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 30c09cde62 Replace duplicate values-iw folder with symlink 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum f89b2af6f4 Update translations 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 8b19aa90bd Remove code.rocketnine.space migration notice 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 06a44b2cb7 Add code.rocketnine.space migration notice 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 0660b901e6 Update translations 3 months ago
  Trevor Slocum ef9146de0e Fix FilePicker intent action 3 months ago
  Trevor Slocum c0ced6e825 Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 3 months ago
  Trevor Slocum d007141911 Update dependencies 3 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 003f0e2a35 Merge branch 'fix-android-4.3-crash' into 'master' 3 months ago
  MovingEarth 0c17304f95 fix android 4.3 (api 18) crash 3 months ago
  MovingEarth e6d7861855 Remove question to see folder with exported sessions 4 months ago
  MovingEarth 1d2d6a5c5a Delete unused FileUtils 4 months ago
  MovingEarth 0e1d22e8e3 fix file paths cannot always be found 4 months ago
  MovingEarth 72c518cc4b fix import and export on Android 10 5 months ago
  Trevor Slocum d601d8ba03 Reposition mindfulness bell sound preference 5 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 4a61eed9d2 Update translations 6 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 77339f02c1 Add mindfulness bell 6 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 7793c3e888 Remove references to previously removed analytics 6 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 4519eb4f7b Update translations 6 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 71433fcb3b Add audio output setting (alarm/media/ringtone/notification) 7 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 090c7a1f5d Update translations 7 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 754a09f967 Display screenshots on F-Droid 8 months ago
  Trevor Slocum a53e4f5992 Add community screenshot 8 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 72e7d87e55 Add screenshots to README 8 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 8681a9c29b Update translations 9 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 205147a1f8 Update dependencies 9 months ago
  Trevor Slocum fe9da0c854 Merge branch 'bugfix/android10_completion_sound' into 'master' 9 months ago
  Angus Gratton 48dd79b539 MainActivity: Play completion sound from alarm intent 9 months ago
  Angus Gratton 47827463f9 vibration: Fix spurious exception if vibration is disabled 9 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 3bc4338959 Fix open/save file dialog 11 months ago
  Trevor Slocum f13f1c1e9e Add Bitcoin and Ethereum donation addresses 1 year ago
  Trevor Slocum c0f267f872 Add timer position setting 1 year ago
  Trevor Slocum e179b93f6e Add custom vibration patterns 1 year ago
  Trevor Slocum 2798f0779b Add session volume preview 1 year ago
  Trevor Slocum 3168f28f4e Add MediNET overview to resources menu 1 year ago
  Trevor Slocum 73b62f4e12 Add presets to tutorial 1 year ago
  Trevor Slocum 2f752277e7 Update translations 1 year ago
  Trevor Slocum f098f46048 Resolve duration not being preselected when editing 1 year ago
  Trevor Slocum 170e079cb7 Add resources menu 1 year ago
  Trevor Slocum cbabb02d82 Reimplement feature to share application 1 year ago
  Trevor Slocum c1791a22be Remove usage of Google Play Services 1 year ago
  Trevor Slocum 13f42723a0 Synchronize access to WakeLocker 1 year ago
  Trevor Slocum ca8dd83fd4 Add download link to release APKs 1 year ago
  Trevor Slocum 4d3ac1467d Auto-capitalize sentences in session message field 1 year ago
  Trevor Slocum ab05bd785b Update translations 2 years ago
  Trevor Slocum 09fb10833d Improve wake lock handling 2 years ago
  Trevor Slocum 01085498ad Add BUILDING.md 2 years ago
  Trevor Slocum bac2460348 Increase session message size limit to 4096 characters 2 years ago