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package component
import (
type SpriteComponent struct {
Image *ebiten.Image
HorizontalFlip bool
VerticalFlip bool
DiagonalFlip bool // TODO unimplemented
Overlay *ebiten.Image
OverlayX, OverlayY float64 // Overlay offset
Frame int
Frames []*ebiten.Image
FrameTime time.Duration
LastFrame time.Time
NumFrames int
OverrideColorScale bool
ColorScale float64
var SpriteComponentID = engine.Engine.NewComponentID()
func (p *SpriteComponent) ComponentID() gohan.ComponentID {
return SpriteComponentID
func Sprite(ctx *gohan.Context) *SpriteComponent {
c, ok := ctx.Component(SpriteComponentID).(*SpriteComponent)
if !ok {
return nil
return c