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A Demo section created with the Blank widget.

Any elements can be added in the body:

Add more sections by duplicating this file and customizing to your requirements.

widget = "blank" # See headless = true # This file represents a page section. active = true # Activate this widget? true/false weight = 15 # Order that this section will appear.

title = "Academic Kickstart" subtitle = ""


Choose how many columns the section has. Valid values: 1 or 2.

columns = "1"


Apply a background color, gradient, or image.

Uncomment (by removing #) an option to apply it.

Choose a light or dark text color by setting text_color_light.

Any HTML color name or Hex value is valid.

Background color.

color = "navy"

Background gradient.

gradient_start = "DarkGreen" gradient_end = "ForestGreen"

Background image.

image = "image.jpg" # Name of image in static/img/.

image_darken = 0.6 # Darken the image? Range 0-1 where 0 is transparent and 1 is opaque.

Text color (true=light or false=dark).

text_color_light = true


Customize the section spacing. Order is top, right, bottom, left.

padding = ["20px", "0", "20px", "0"]


Custom CSS.

css_style = ""

CSS class.

css_class = "" +++

Welcome to the Academic Kickstart template!

Follow our Getting Started and Page Builder guides to easily personalize the template and then add your own content.

For inspiration, check out the Markdown files which power the personal demo. The easiest way to publish your new site to the internet is with Netlify.

{{% alert note %}} This homepage section is an example of adding elements to the Blank widget.

Backgrounds can be applied to any section. Here, the background option is set give a color gradient.

To remove this section, delete content/home/ {{% /alert %}}