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A Projects section created with the Portfolio widget.

widget = "portfolio" # See headless = true # This file represents a page section. active = true # Activate this widget? true/false weight = 65 # Order that this section will appear.

title = "Projects" subtitle = ""


Page type to display. E.g. project.

page_type = "project"

Filter toolbar (optional).

Add or remove as many filters ([[content.filter_button]] instances) as you like.

To show all items, set tag to "*".

To filter by a specific tag, set tag to an existing tag name.

To remove toolbar, delete/comment all instances of [[content.filter_button]] below.

Default filter index (e.g. 0 corresponds to the first [[filter_button]] instance below).

filter_default = 0


name = "All"

tag = "*"


name = "Deep Learning"

tag = "Deep Learning"


name = "Other"

tag = "Demo"


Choose how many columns the section has. Valid values: 1 or 2.

columns = "2"

Toggle between the various page layout types.

1 = List

2 = Compact

3 = Card

5 = Showcase

view = 2

For Showcase view, flip alternate rows?

flip_alt_rows = false


Apply a background color, gradient, or image.

Uncomment (by removing #) an option to apply it.

Choose a light or dark text color by setting text_color_light.

Any HTML color name or Hex value is valid.

Background color.

color = "navy"

Background gradient.

gradient_start = "DeepSkyBlue"

gradient_end = "SkyBlue"

Background image.

image = "background.jpg" # Name of image in static/img/.

image_darken = 0.6 # Darken the image? Range 0-1 where 0 is transparent and 1 is opaque.

Text color (true=light or false=dark).

text_color_light = true


Custom CSS.

css_style = ""

CSS class.

css_class = "" +++