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package main
import (
type tomlConfig struct {
Title string
Owner ownerInfo
DB database `toml:"database"`
Servers map[string]server
Clients clients
type ownerInfo struct {
Name string
Org string `toml:"organization"`
Bio string
DOB time.Time
type database struct {
Server string
Ports []int
ConnMax int `toml:"connection_max"`
Enabled bool
type server struct {
IP string
DC string
type clients struct {
Data [][]interface{}
Hosts []string
func main() {
var config tomlConfig
if _, err := toml.DecodeFile("example.toml", &config); err != nil {
fmt.Printf("Title: %s\n", config.Title)
fmt.Printf("Owner: %s (%s, %s), Born: %s\n",
config.Owner.Name, config.Owner.Org, config.Owner.Bio,
fmt.Printf("Database: %s %v (Max conn. %d), Enabled? %v\n",
config.DB.Server, config.DB.Ports, config.DB.ConnMax,
for serverName, server := range config.Servers {
fmt.Printf("Server: %s (%s, %s)\n", serverName, server.IP, server.DC)
fmt.Printf("Client data: %v\n", config.Clients.Data)
fmt.Printf("Client hosts: %v\n", config.Clients.Hosts)