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stick allows note display and behavior to be customized.

Options directive

Note options are specified with the options directive on the first line:

[//]: # (list,sort)

* [ ] Dairy
  * [ ] Eggs
  * [ ] Flour
  * [X] Milk
* [ ] Grains
  * [X] Burger buns
  * [X] Hot dog buns
  * [ ] Whole wheat loaf

Note: The directive may not be visible when viewing this documentation in a rendered format, as it is a Markdown comment. It is reproduced with an added space between the ] and : characters below:

[//] : # (list,sort)

When using the web interface to change note options, this directive is added and updated automatically. You do not need to memorize it.

Available options


Pinned notes will appear in another notebook labeled "Pinned"


Emphasize and remove duplicate list items


Sort list items alphabetically


Show dismissed list items