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12 years ago
Lightweight [image board]( script. See [example installations]( for a demo.
**Database not required.** Store posts as text files for a portable set-up capable of running on virtually any PHP host.
11 years ago
**Got database?** Use [MySQL]( or [SQLite]( for an efficient set-up able to handle high amounts of traffic.
- Reference links >>###
- Delete post via password
- Management panel
- Administrators and moderators use separate passwords
- Moderators are only able to delete posts
- Ban offensive/abusive posters across all boards
- Post using raw HTML
12 years ago
12 years ago
1. CD to the directory you wish to install TinyIB
11 years ago
2. Run the command:
12 years ago
- `git clone git:// ./`
3. Copy settings.default.php to settings.php
12 years ago
4. Configure settings.php
11 years ago
5. CHMOD write permissions to these directories:
- ./
- ./src/
- ./thumb/
- ./res/
- ./inc/flatfile/ (only if you use flat file for the database)
6. Navigate your browser to imgboard.php and the following will take place:
- The database structure will be created
- Directories will be verified to be writable
- The file index.html will be created containing the new image board
12 years ago
`git pull`
12 years ago
11 years ago
12 years ago
1. Read the [GitHub Forking Guide](
12 years ago
2. Fork TinyIB
3. Commit code changes to your forked repository
4. Submit a pull request describing your modifications