Add cURL recommendation

Resolves #184.
Trevor Slocum 2 years ago
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commit 258804c132

@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ See [TinyIB Installations]( for dem
- A simple, self-hosted implementation is included.
- [hCaptcha]( is supported.
- [ReCAPTCHA]( is supported but [not recommended](
- [ReCAPTCHA]( is supported. (But [not recommended](
- Reference links. `>>###`
- Delete posts via password.
- Report posts.
@ -59,6 +59,9 @@ support in mind.
- [GD Image Processing Library](
- This library is usually installed by default.
- If you plan on disabling image uploads to use TinyIB as a text board only, this library is not required.
- [cURL Library](
- This is recommended, but is not strictly required except:
- When `TINYIB_CAPTCHA` is set to `hcaptcha` or `recaptcha`.
2. CD to the directory you wish to install TinyIB.
3. Run the command:
- `git clone ./`