321 Commits (master)

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  Trevor Slocum 8ba54d87f0 Remove TinyIB DEMOS file 5 days ago
  Trevor Slocum 4c2ec96e6b Add post type hint to reflinks 5 days ago
  Trevor Slocum 306e3e5cf8 Sort management panel page links 5 days ago
  Trevor Slocum f6ee0ef162 Improve layout of several management panel forms 5 days ago
  Trevor Slocum d300d9b2f2 Require confirmation when changing password 5 days ago
  Trevor Slocum 586c0ae939 Fix pending posts display in management panel 1 week ago
  Trevor Slocum 6bcc978bc9 Fix .htaccess closing IfModule tags 1 week ago
  Trevor Slocum 77b6b7e00b Allow creating staff posts without using raw HTML 1 week ago
  Trevor Slocum febb5af681 Fix warning when deleting post 1 week ago
  Trevor Slocum c4dd643f53 Fix thread caching 2 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum 8b8c4a88c3 Add TINYIB_BACKLINKS 2 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum fca5562fd2 Update translations 2 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum 2f900306cb Minor tweaks to TINYIB_DEFAULTSTYLE 2 weeks ago
  Tortle 32ae4efbcf Make CSS styles configurable (#222) 2 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum dd3b994a3c Do not accept reports for approved posts 3 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum f89556e482 Remove neetchat from DEMOS 3 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum bbb7411830 Update translations 3 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum 7ff78da64a Add neetchat to DEMOS 3 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum c9e596506e Update translations 4 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum 400f95b7ff Fix calculating static file thumbnail dimensions 4 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum 497a48c640 Require TINYIB_TRIPSEED to be configured 4 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum fe2a861221 Fix flatfile database mode 4 weeks ago
  Trevor Slocum 4e6d3a76ca Update translation source file 1 month ago
  Trevor Slocum 7f1310b7e6 Fix reflink preview for auto-refresh replies 1 month ago
  Trevor Slocum a3a8b8db28 Add support for marking an image as a spoiler, causing the thumbnail to be blurred 1 month ago
  Trevor Slocum e954a78ac5 Add support for hiding text until it is hovered over 1 month ago
  Trevor Slocum 7261b104be Fix default post.moderated value 1 month ago
  Trevor Slocum 24d8f6a85d Add reflink hover preview 1 month ago
  Trevor Slocum dd1ae575c9 Support setting keywords to hide posts when used 1 month ago
  Trevor Slocum cff26e609d Add TINYIB_AUTOHIDE 1 month ago
  Trevor Slocum fbea1d4140 Fix TINYIB_EXPANDWIDTH 1 month ago
  Trevor Slocum 7202b733af Add TINYIB_EXPANDWIDTH 1 month ago
  Trevor Slocum cc097ef408 Add TINYIB_STRIPMETADATA 1 month ago
  Trevor Slocum 925594c7b1 Include details in moderation log when deleting a post 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 45f549482a Support regular expression keywords 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 36e54de581 Add Audiochan to list of installations 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 1a898e353c Prevent management panel reauthentication in a single request 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum f3b892c960 Fix modlog navigation 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 34d4dd3d6c Fix thumbnail scaling 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 3e90dafc21 Prioritize static thumbnails (when specified) over dynamic 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum b8da098a51 Do not use ffmpeg for jpeg files 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 75af600f7f Set SQLite3 database timout to one minute 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 8ae3519076 Support bulk moderation 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 7c9f15a37f Update translations 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 4e05d8512c Detect failure to create a thumbnail for non-video uploads 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 79adb305a3 Fix approval when clearing reports 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 5cd4049ebe Fix return link when reporting a post 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 0851c4528a Change 'Clear reports' to 'Approve' and make approval permanent 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 07b4e57ad3 Use ffmpeg instead of medianinfo and ffmpegthumbnailer 2 months ago
  Trevor Slocum 3606e6ea6d Fix TINYIB_REPORTCAPTCHA 2 months ago