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Trevor Slocum 1256e7cca0 Add account system 1 year ago
Trevor Slocum 6a26e32594
Use cURL instead of file_get_contents, mime_content_type instead of shell_exec (#38) 5 years ago
Trevor Slocum 90a878f8ee Add optional WebA and WebM support 8 years ago
Trevor Slocum 280eeab57e MAX_FILE_SIZE hidden input improvements 9 years ago
Trevor Slocum 2d2c95dfa8 Add Eclipse .project to .gitignore 10 years ago
tslocum 8e5124812f SQLite support 12 years ago
tslocum 26fc1c85fa Ignore database files 12 years ago
tslocum 6a6459fb13 Ignore any generated .html files 12 years ago
tslocum a88d0283f7 Settings are now stored in a separate file 12 years ago