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# TinyIB
# Contact the author via if you need support.
# See README for instructions on configuring, moderating and upgrading your board.
# Set TINYIB_DBMODE to a MySQL-related mode if it's available. By default it's set to flatfile, which can be very slow.
// Administrator/moderator credentials
define('TINYIB_ADMINPASS', ''); // Administrators have full access to the board
define('TINYIB_MODPASS', ''); // Moderators only have access to delete (and moderate if TINYIB_REQMOD is set) posts ['' to disable]
// Board description and behavior
define('TINYIB_BOARD', 'b'); // Unique identifier for this board using only letters and numbers
define('TINYIB_BOARDDESC', 'TinyIB'); // Displayed at the top of every page
define('TINYIB_ALWAYSNOKO', false); // Redirect to thread after posting
define('TINYIB_CAPTCHA', ''); // Reduce spam by requiring users to pass a CAPTCHA when posting: simple / recaptcha (click Rebuild All in the management panel after enabling) ['' to disable]
define('TINYIB_REQMOD', ''); // Require moderation before displaying posts: files / all (see README for instructions, only MySQL is supported) ['' to disable]
// Board appearance
define('TINYIB_INDEX', 'index.html'); // Index file
define('TINYIB_LOGO', ''); // Logo HTML
define('TINYIB_THREADSPERPAGE', 10); // Amount of threads shown per index page
define('TINYIB_PREVIEWREPLIES', 3); // Amount of replies previewed on index pages
define('TINYIB_TRUNCATE', 15); // Messages are truncated to this many lines on board index pages [0 to disable]
define('TINYIB_WORDBREAK', 80); // Words longer than this many characters will be broken apart [0 to disable]
define('TINYIB_TIMEZONE', 'UTC'); // See - e.g. America/Los_Angeles
define('TINYIB_JSON', true); // Write JSON files (threads.json, catalog.json, etc.)
$tinyib_hidefieldsop = array(); // Fields to hide when creating a new thread - e.g. array('name', 'email', 'subject', 'message', 'file', 'embed', 'password')
$tinyib_hidefields = array(); // Fields to hide when replying
// Post control
define('TINYIB_DELAY', 30); // Delay (in seconds) between posts from the same IP address to help control flooding [0 to disable]
define('TINYIB_MAXTHREADS', 100); // Oldest threads are discarded when the thread count passes this limit [0 to disable]
define('TINYIB_MAXREPLIES', 0); // Maximum replies before a thread stops bumping [0 to disable]
// Upload types
// Empty array to disable
// Format: MIME type => (extension, optional thumbnail)
$tinyib_uploads = array('image/jpeg' => array('jpg'),
'image/pjpeg' => array('jpg'),
'image/png' => array('png'),
'image/gif' => array('gif'));
# 'application/x-shockwave-flash' => array('swf', 'swf_thumbnail.png'));
# 'video/webm' => array('webm')); // WebM upload requires mediainfo and ffmpegthumbnailer (see README for instructions)
# 'audio/webm' => array('webm'));
// oEmbed APIs
// Empty array to disable
$tinyib_embeds = array('SoundCloud' => '',
'Vimeo' => '',
'YouTube' => '');
// File control
define('TINYIB_MAXKB', 2048); // Maximum file size in kilobytes [0 to disable]
define('TINYIB_MAXKBDESC', '2 MB'); // Human-readable representation of the maximum file size
define('TINYIB_THUMBNAIL', 'gd'); // Thumbnail method to use: gd / imagemagick (see README for instructions)
define('TINYIB_NOFILEOK', false); // Allow the creation of new threads without uploading a file
// Thumbnail size - new thread
define('TINYIB_MAXWOP', 250); // Width
define('TINYIB_MAXHOP', 250); // Height
// Thumbnail size - reply
define('TINYIB_MAXW', 250); // Width
define('TINYIB_MAXH', 250); // Height
// Tripcode seed - Must not change once set!
define('TINYIB_TRIPSEED', ''); // Enter some random text (used when generating secure tripcodes)
// The following only apply when TINYIB_CAPTCHA is set to recaptcha
// For API keys visit
define('TINYIB_RECAPTCHA_SITE', ''); // Site key
define('TINYIB_RECAPTCHA_SECRET', '');// Secret key
// Database
// Recommended database modes from best to worst:
// pdo, mysqli, mysql, sqlite3, sqlite (deprecated), flatfile (only useful if you need portability or lack any kind of database)
define('TINYIB_DBMODE', 'flatfile'); // Mode
define('TINYIB_DBMIGRATE', false); // Enable database migration tool (see README for instructions)
define('TINYIB_DBBANS', 'bans'); // Bans table name (use the same bans table across boards for global bans)
define('TINYIB_DBPOSTS', TINYIB_BOARD . '_posts'); // Posts table name
// Database configuration - MySQL / pgSQL
// The following only apply when TINYIB_DBMODE is set to mysql, mysqli or pdo with default (blank) TINYIB_DBDSN
define('TINYIB_DBHOST', 'localhost'); // Hostname
define('TINYIB_DBPORT', 3306); // Port (set to 0 if you are using a UNIX socket as the host)
define('TINYIB_DBUSERNAME', ''); // Username
define('TINYIB_DBPASSWORD', ''); // Password
define('TINYIB_DBNAME', ''); // Database
// Database configuration - PDO
// The following only apply when TINYIB_DBMODE is set to pdo (see README for instructions)
define('TINYIB_DBDRIVER', 'mysql'); // PDO driver to use (mysql / pgsql / sqlite / etc.)
define('TINYIB_DBDSN', ''); // Enter a custom DSN to override all of the connection/driver settings above (see README for instructions)
// When changing this, you should still set TINYIB_DBDRIVER appropriately.
// If you're using PDO with a MySQL or pgSQL database, you should leave this blank.