Gemini server
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2 years ago
# twins
[Gemini]( server
**Warning:** The twins configuration format is still under development.
Breaking changes may be made.
This page is also available at [gemini://](gemini://
2 years ago
## Features
- Serve static files
- Detect content type
- Specify content type for files with matching extension
- List files and directories (when enabled)
- Reverse proxy requests
2 years ago
- [FastCGI](
- Serve Gemini content via HTTPS
- Pages are converted automatically by [gmitohtml](
- Reload configuration on `SIGHUP`
2 years ago
## Proposals
twins includes features that are not yet part of the Gemini specification. See [](
2 years ago
## Download
twins is written in [Go]( Run the following command to
download and build twins from source.
2 years ago
go get
2 years ago
The resulting binary is available as `~/go/bin/twins`.
2 years ago
## Configure
See [](
2 years ago
## Support
Please share issues and suggestions [here](
2 years ago
## Dependencies
2 years ago
- [filetype]( - MIME type detection
- [gofast]( - FastCGI client
- [go-shellquote]( - Shell string quoting
- [yaml]( - Configuration parsing